Catherine G. Media


What I do

website design

Web design

The right image attracts the right client. Are you intentional in your visual communication? Let me help you convey a professional image with a website that is modern, clean and efficient. 

Serving your clients better

Do you need an informational site – or would an ecommerce platform be more convenient for your customers? A membership platform might even be a better fit… Together, we will come up with an online space that is authentic, congruent and welcoming to your ideal client.

Lead Generation

I am here to help you generate an influx of high quality leads into your business.
Let me oversee gaining new leads and clients while you focus on solving your clients’ real problems and pain points.

A multi-pronged process

Identifying and cultivating new potential customers for your business is an ongoing proposition. Indeed, your success relies in large part on having an ever-flowing stream of prospects. In order to achieve this, we need to raise the public’s awareness of your services through multiple channels. An essential component of this strategy is to maintain offers that are fresh, relevant, and irresistible! Engaging with prospective clients the right way will increase the likelihood that they will consider making a purchase. This takes research, reflection, and iteration. I would love to be by your side throughout this process.

Lead generation
Social media

Animation des réseaux sociaux

There is no way around it: for new customers to find you, you have to be where they are. And that is on the social networks. Do you have a systematic approach to your global online presence? (yes, I can help you with that!)

Des solutions fraîches

Growing your business is a delicate process that requires forethought, determination – and guts! Whichever strategy you might favor, you need to keep your core mission in mind. Your existing customers’ pain points are also a crucial component of smart growth. In conjunction with your company values, they will lead the way to help you develop a new range of solutions that your clients will be grateful for.


Request A Call

I’d love to get to know you!
The best way to figure out whether we are a fit is to spend a few minutes chatting. There’s absolutely no obligation – I’ll be delighted to talk with you, whatever the outcome of the conversation.

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